Asian Medical Students’ Association Indonesia (AMSA Indonesia) is the peak
representative body for medical students in Indonesia. Founded in Yogyakarta, August
10 th , 1996. AMSA-Indonesia has been actively participating in plethora of national and
international events. Its contribution to AMSA International as the roots of the
organization are impressive, having hosted four Asian Medical Students’ Conference
(AMSC) in 1990, 1996, 2003, 2010 and East Asian Medical Students’ Conference
(EAMSC) in 2006 and 2015. Up to this point, the members of AMSA Indonesia have
reached more than 30 universities from 6 different districts and are still expanding.



“AMSA-Indonesia as a place for self actualization of its members based on its
very philosophy: Knowledge, Action, Friendship to brings more impacts to


1. To build a good and effective communication between AMSA-Indonesia and AMSA-universities
2. To coordinate with representatives and strengthen the facilities needed by members of AMSA-universities to maximize their potentials.
3. To strengthen the well-established externalization of AMSA-Indonesia.
4. To expand more relations with GOs and NGOs to optimize the quality of activities
5. To actively contribute in developing Indonesia’s health through programs.


Organizational Structure:
Executive Board AMSA-Indonesia 2018/2019

Regional Chairperson
Anadya Rhadika

General Secretary
M. Rian Fathurrahman

Putu Sri Maharani Utami

Secretary of Membership and Development
Novelina Gracea

Secretary of Publication and Promotion
Aviska Eka Zahra

Secretary of Research
Ni Made Adnya Suasti

Secretary of Academic
Pramana Adhityo

Director of AMSEP
Maria Jessica Yaputri

Secretary of Finance and Partnership
Nabila Cahya Putri

Liaison Officer for Governmental Organization (GO)
Karina Yesika Manalu

Liaison Officer for Non-Governmental Organization (NGO)
Jessy Hardjo

Secretary of Community Outreach
Rebecca Olivia Haryuni


Official Video Profile:

Head Office

Faculty of Medicine Trisakti University

Jalan Kyai Tapa no. 260, Jakarta 11470

Google Group!forum/AMSA-Indonesia


Youtube Channel







AMSA Indonesia



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