Background :

Asian Medical Students’ Exchange Program (AMSEP) is one of AMSA
International’s program which was established in 2003 to facilitate exchange programs
between students of AMSA.

The AMSEP bilateral system was established in 2006. Now, the chapters that are
involved in AMSEP includes Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Japan,
Taiwan, Hongkong, Australia, China and England. AMSEP creates opportunities for the international preclinical and clinical
exchange between AMSA chapters.

AMSEP is commonly a 7-day program, depending on the host country, but every
program must contain, at least, the following aspects: academic activities, social
activities, cultural activities and city tours. This program, therefore, fulfils, the whole
AMSA visions; Knowledge, Action, Friendship in a distinctive way.


Booklet of AMSEP Indonesia 2018/2019 :

Official Video Profile AMSEP Indonesia 2018/2019 :

Maria Jessica Yaputri
Director of AMSEP
AMSA-Indonesia 2018/2019
Phone: +62 87809115575
Official e-mail: