AMSA-Universitas Kristen Maranatha


Asian Medical Students’ Association Maranatha Christian University or usually called
AMSA-MCU is one of the most popular and eye-catching students’ organizations in
MCU. AMSA-MCU is located at Prof. Drg. Surya Sumantri No.65, Sukawarna,
Bandung, West Java. Together with AMSA-Unpad and AMSA-Unjani, AMSA-MCU is
a part of AMSA district 3. AMSA-MCU, established on 10 th of August 1996, is one of
the first AMSA-Universities that were established in Indonesia. AMSA-MCU, with
“MAGIC – Maximally Achieving Glory in Collaboration” as its tagline, has a vision and
missions to be a more solid, active, and impactful for society.



AMSA-MCU as a home for its members to enjoyably strengthen their sense of
belonging, develop both internally and externally, and bring impacts to society.



1. To strengthen members’ sense of belonging and their love to AMSA-MCU
making it a solid and better organization
2. To value and maximize every members’ potentials in every divisions
3. To increase members’ interests, knowledge, and skills for participating in local,
national, & international events
4. To be more active and impactful for society through social programs
5. To have a good communication with each members of AMSA-MCU, AMSA-
Indonesia, and SEMA FK UKM.


Organizational Structure:

AMSA-MCU’s organization structure consists of a Representative, Vice
Representative, Treasurer, Secretary, and followed by 6 Executive Board which are
Executive Board of Membership and Development, Executive Board of Academic
and Research, Executive Board of Finance, Executive Board of Community
Outreach, Executive Board of Publication and Promotion, and Executive Board of
External and AMSEP.

Featured Work Programs :

Contributing for AMSA-Indonesia, AMSA-MCU hosted NLT SCALP (Short Camp for
Annual Leadership Practice) in 2016. Escalating the philosophies of AMSA-
Indonesia: Friendship, Knowledge, and Action, AMSA-MCU has anticipated events.
AMSA-MCU’s Emergency Training as its annual Local Academic Training is one of
the most anticipated events in AMSA-MCU. The Emergency Training consists of
short lecture, training, and simulation of basic emergency for not only medical
students, but also for public.


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