AMSA-Universitas Padjajaran


Asian Medical Student Association Keluarga Mahasiswa Fakultas Kedokteran
Universitas Padjadjaran (AMSA KEMA FK Unpad, or simply known as AMSA-
Unpad) is a scientific, nonpolitical, nonsectoral, nonprofit, open, free, and
independent organization which is affiliated to BEM KEMA FK Unpad and AMSA- Indonesia.
AMSA-Unpad was established in 1999, before undergoing a vacuum period and
reemerging in 2003. It was built as a place for FK Unpad students to channel their
skills and creativity beyond an academic scope, and to open doors towards more
opportunities and activities. AMSA-Unpad became active on a national scale in 2006
and continues to grow and develop into a stronger, more impactful organization.



AMSA-Unpad as an organization with a sense of purpose and belonging that allows
an optimal place for members to develop and give more impactful contribution to
AMSA-Indonesia, KEMA FK Unpad, and society.



 Clear communication and mutual respect
 Targeted upgrading of knowledge and soft skills
 Guidelines and strategic plans
 Project assessment
 Increased exposure to AMSA-Indonesia and its agendas


Organizational Structure:

Featured Work Programs :

a. AMSA-Unpad MUN


Social Media
 IG: @amsaunpad
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 Representative of AMSA-Unpad 2019/2020: (Nadira Nibras)