Regional Chairperson AMSA-Indonesia 2023/2024

Mahocca Carlo

Regional Chairperson
AMSA-Indonesia 2023/2024

Salutations, People of Tomorrow!

In 1996, AMSA-Indonesia took its first steps and has since grown into one of Indonesia’s largest medical student organizations. As a part of AMSA International, we’ve been active on national and international fronts, collaborating with various organizations to contribute to our community.

Our organization spans six districts and has a dynamic membership of 38 active members and 2 observer members. As a representative of the Executive Board, I am delighted to present AMSA-Indonesia through this official website, a gateaway to our vibrant community.

Guided by Knowledge, Action, and Friendship principles, AMSA-Indonesia is committed to providing a rich tapestry of experiences. We prioritize academic and non-academic pursuits to empower our members with knowledge, engage in impactful social initiatives and health campaigns, and cultivate lasting bonds among our community.

This year, AMSA-Indonesia has a vision to become a supportive home for its members by enhancing its learning environment, encouraging solidarity, and promoting community service, while fostering equality among the three philosophies of AMSA: Knowledge, Action, and Friendship.

Over 27 years, AMSA-Indonesia, as a medical students’ organization, has actively contributed to society through the implementation of various work programs and the provision of numerous opportunities for its members. The collaboration with a multitude of Govermental Organizations, Non-Governmental Organizations, Partnerships, and Sponsorships is indicative of our profesionalism and unwavering commitment to the development of both AMSA-Indonesia and the broader Indonesian community.

Our website serves as a platform for our members and external stakeholders to gain insights into our organization. Its purpose is to introduce AMSA-Indonesia to a broader audience within our community. If you have any inquiries, please feel free to contact us using the details provided on our website. 

Thank you.


“Conquering the Unknown, Reaching the Impossible”

Viva AMSA!


Announcement Board

Residency in the States

AMSA-Indonesia x Kaplan Medical
Residency in the States: Get Your Match!

Hari AIDS Sedunia 2021

Lomba #DareToBreakTheStigma
Hari AIDS Sedunia 2021

Arbor Vitae 30th Edition

Open Submission
Arbor Vitae 30th Edition

In order to take part in developing future doctor’s potential, AMSA-Indonesia in collaboration with Kaplan Medical is bringing a two-day event, “Residency in the States: Get Your Match!”

Free registration, free e-certificates, and open for public!

To register, click the link below:

Dalam rangka merayakan Hari AIDS Sedunia 2021, Direktorat Pencegahan dan Pengendalian Penyakit Menular Kementerian Kesehatan Republik Indonesia berkolaborasi bersama AMSA-Indonesia dalam menyelenggarakan lomba #DareToBreakTheStigma




The Theme for the 30th Edition of Arbor Vitae is
“METANOIA: Mental Development and Behavioural Changes in Children and Adolescence”

You are invited to write articles and send your creative works to us for the sections open for this edition, Medical Affairs, World Issue, AMSA Events, Technology, Creativity, City Tour, Entertainment, and Storytelling. 

Send the articles before November 28, 2021 at 23.59 WIB, directly to