Asian Medical Students’ Association Indonesia (AMSA-Indonesia) is the peak representative body for medical students in Indonesia. Established in Yogyakarta, August 10th 1996, AMSA-Indonesia has been actively participating in a plethora of national and international events. Currently, AMSA-Indonesia comprises 36 member universities in six districts with over five thousand active members and over two thousand new members annually.

Its contribution to AMSA International as the roots of the organization are impressive, having hosted four Asian Medical Students’ Conference (AMSC) in 1990, 1996. 2003, 2010 and East Asian Medical Students’ Conference (EAMSC) in 2006 and 2015.


AMSA-Indonesia as the leading medical students’ organization that serves as a platform to impart boundless opportunities and enriched experiences in knowledge, action and friendship that build its members towards sustainable impacts in society.


  1. To provide a platform of equal opportunities for all AMSA-Indonesia members to attain new experiences and develop together as a family.
  2. To enhance the collaboration, coordination and communication between AMSA- Indonesia and AMSA-universities.
  3. To shape AMSA-Indonesia as a medical students’ organization that creates boundless impacts for society.
  4. To ignite the potentials and sharpen the skills of AMSA-Indonesia members as future healthcare professionals in Indonesia.
  5. To assert and establish AMSA-Indonesia as a partner with high credibility for external parties.

Organizational Structure:
Executive Board AMSA-Indonesia 2020/2021

Regional Chairperson
Helena Arnetta Puteri

General Secretary
Tazkiya Qalby Yusnandar

Annisa Nur Insani

Secretary of Academic
Steven Millenio Widjaja

Secretary of Research
Febby Gunawan Siswanto

Secretary of Community Outreach
Naomi Rachel Ivania

Liaison Officer for Non Governmental Organization (NGO)
Nissa Daradinanti

Liaison Officer for Governmental Organization (GO)
Evelyn Calista

Secretary of Membership and Development 
Felicia Hioe

Secretary of Publication and Promotion
Joyna Getruida Sopaheluwakan

Secretary of Finance and Partnership
Giovanna Renee Tan

Director of AMSEP
Savero Vasya Jendriza

University Members

36 Universities, 6 Districts, 1 Big Family.

Official Video Profile:

Head Office

Faculty of Medicine Trisakti University

Jalan Kyai Tapa no. 260, Jakarta 11470

Google Group!forum/AMSA-Indonesia


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Official Booklet AMSA-Indonesia 2020/2021