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AMSEP (Asian Medical Student Exchange Program) is one of AMSA’s leading programmes. It allows medical students to connect with other medical students from various regions of Asia, and even Europe and Africa. Currently, chapters that are involved in AMSEP are Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Bangladesh, India, Egypt, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Mongolia, and Nepal. AMSA International also bridges AMSA with European Medical Students’ Association (EMSA) and Federation of African Medical Students’ Association (FAMSA).

AMSA-Indonesia is one of the most active chapters in holding AMSEP. In fact, the first ever AMSEP was held between Indonesia and Japan in November 2006 and January 2007. As the only exchange programme approved by AMSA, AMSEP provides an opportunity for all AMSA members, both preclinical and clinical, to experience a glimpse of medicine in other chapters. The programme varies according  to  the  university of the host country that organizes the schedule. However, one thing remains constant. All participating students will experience all AMSA philosophies (Knowledge, Action, and Friendship) in AMSEP through the academic, sociocultural, and community service activities. They will experience health care systems in other countries, medical educations, as well as their distinctive cultures. All in all, the memories made through AMSEP will be unforgettable.

With the development of AMSEP each year, AMSA-Indonesia strives to actively contribute and participate in all AMSEP activities. The number of hosting universities in AMSA-Indonesia also increases by the year. Although all offline exchanges have been postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, AMSEP continues to make wonderful memories virtually. This new approach has been expected to give a new euphoria while maintaining the essence of AMSEP itself.

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Savero Vasya Jendriza
Director of AMSEP
AMSA-Indonesia 2020/2021
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