AMSA-Universitas Jambi


AMSA-Unja, Asian Medical Students Association Jambi University is located at Lieutenant Soeprapto street 33, Telanaipura, Jambi City. AMSA-Unja was established on March 24 th , 2015 and officially became a member of AMSA-Indonesia in 2016 at the National Conference in Solo. As a member of AMSA-Indonesia, AMSA-Unja once hosted a national event, which is Rakernas in 2017. AMSA-Unja also once hosted a district project event, which is Amsa District 1 Project 2018.



To create AMSA-Unja become more advanced, inovative, creative, and have broad knowledge by give priority in the matter of familyness that exciting but also still support the member’s academic and social as well



1. To create familyness atmosphere by accept and support among each
members, and so that it’ll build up the sense of belonging.
2. To make AMSA-Unja as a media to delivered aspiration or idea and opinion,
and all complaints among members.
3. To make AMSA-Unja as a organization that can support academic by make a
suitable work programmed in the matter of medical and also excavate the
member’s talent.
4. To create kind of a real move that beneficial for AMSA-Unja and society.


Organizational Structure

• Advisory Board
• Representative
• Treasurer
• General Secretary

Executive Board :
• Membership and Development (MnD)
• Publication and Promotion (PnP)
• Research and Academic (RnA)
• Community Outreach (CO)
• Finance

Featured Work Programs :

Some of the featured programs of AMSA-Unja are SHARELOCK, Hunger Games and Visiting Hospital. SHARELOCK is new program from AMSA-Unja which aims to share love and affection for children and people with special needs, increase empathy, and create a sense of caring for others. Next program is Hunger games which is a leadership training activity held by AMSA-Unja which aims to increase unity among AMSA-Unja members and train about team building in AMSA-Unja. Another program is Visiting Hospital which is an interesting event for pre-clinic students, from this program we can see real future workingplace and evironment, the staffs around there, and also the latest technologies in the hospital which are very crucial for future job as a doctor.


Social Media

Instagram : @amsaunja
E-mail :
Line Official : @dxa0347b
Twitter : @amsaunja
Youtube : AMSA-Unja
Website :
Podcast : AMSA-Unja



Nama : Sania Zahira Rahman
LINE ID : saniaazr
No. Hp : 082346339425
Instagram: saniarahman

General Secretary
Nama : Annisa Brata Angraini
LINE ID : brataann
No. Hp : 081379223871
Instagram : annisabrataa

Nama : Jesi Pebriani
E-mail :
LINE ID : jesipebriani
No. Hp: 085384373495
Instagram: jesipebriani

Executive Board Membership and Development
Nama : Gita Safitri Amalia
E-mail :
LINE ID : gitgits_
No.Hp : 08117481800
Instagram : gitgits

Executive Board Community Outreach
Nama: Almas Dwi Anggena
E-mail :
LINE ID : almassda
No. Hp : 087880632844
Instagram : almassda

Executive Board Finance and Partnership
Nama : Fani Nadila
E-mail :
LINE ID : fninadila
No. Hp : 085368186664
Instagram: fani.nadila

Executive Board Publication and Promotion
Nama : Halimatusadiah
E-mail :
LINE ID : diaah12
No. Hp : 081279468748 (wa only)
Instagram : diiah12

Executive Board Research and Academic
Nama : Denok Maretta Haq
E-mail :
LINE ID : denokmarettahaq
No. Hp : 085268132272
Instagram: den.haq