AMSA-Universitas Sriwijaya


AMSA-Unsri (Asian Medical Students’ Association Universitas Sriwijaya) is an autonomous body under the auspices of the Faculty Medicine of Sriwijaya University which is engaged in health, humanity, and talent development of its members.

AMSA-Unsri is incorporated in a representative body for medical students throughout Indonesia, namely AMSA-Indonesia.

As of now, AMSA-Unsri manage 6 divisions namely Membership and Development, External, Community Outreach, Academic and Research, Finance and Publication and Promotion.



To EMBODY the philosophy of AMSA – knowledge, action, and friendship –

and TO MAKE AMSA-Unsri SHINE even more by increasing all of its potential.



1. Synergy

To organize all structural and functional aspects of AMSA-Unsri by embracing all members of AMSA-Unsri and encouraging each to synegize and develop AMSA-Unsri’s relations, be it internally, nationally, or internationally.

2. Harmony

To align AMSA’s 3 philosophies: knowledge, action, and friendship, by facilitating all AMSA-Unsri members to create harmony within the organization

3. Integrity

To make AMSA-Unsri an organization with high integrity by forming trust , starting from building good communication within the internal community

4. Equality

To achieve equality through even distribution of work programs, as well equality in numbers within divisions of work, with the aim of creating an effective and efficient performance


Organizational Structure

Featured Work Programs :



AMSA x AMSA is a work program in the form of a meeting agenda between AMSA-Unsri and other AMSA-university which aims to establish cooperation, exchange ideas / share, and build the existence of AMSA-Unsri. The variety and diversity of work programs and management in each AMSA-university is something that can be used as an evaluation for future AMSA-Unsri. The AMSAxAMSA work program aims to facilitate AMSA-Unsri members to share about existing management and work programs.

AURICULA (AMSA-Unsri for Community through Social Action)

This work program is planned to provide assistance in the form of medical experts to an area in South Sumatra that is in need, due to the lack of health facilities and infrastructure in that. area. The main focus of this activity is to bring medical experts from Palembang City to improve the health and welfare of the community through health education and free medical treatment as well as providing free circumcision services for children in the city. Therefore, on this year program, it will take place in Indralaya, Ogan Ilir with the form of free circumcision and physical examination.

TUNICA (Together Unite in Action for Indonesia)

TUNICA 2021 will raise the theme of “it’s about sight, vision, and the world” which focuses on eye health. TUNICA 2021 will cooperate with Perdami Palembang. TUNICA will be held for two days, including training for AMSA-Unsri members and observer members about eye examinations which will be done to the public on the main day. We will also provide screening for cataract surgery patients.


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Representative: Nadya Salsabillah

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Phone : 081288465960