AMSA-Universitas Indonesia


Asian Medical Students’ Association Universitas Indonesia (AMSA-UI) is an external medical students
based organization in FKUI that has been established since 29th October 1986. AMSA-UI is a member of AMSA-Indonesia in district 2
and AMSA International that gives its members a chance to build
friendship and participate in various national and international activity connected to medical world. All of AMSA-UI’s activities
are arranged based on the philosophy Knowledge, Friendship, Action, and Culture.


AMSA-UI as a home for all its members, by promoting sense of belonging and togetherness as the main foundation,
professionalism as the core value, combined with sense of pride and identity, to uphold and actualize the values of Friendship, Action, Science and Culture.


1. AMSEP – Create and Enhance Connection and Foster Collaboration with other AMSA-universities
2. Delegations – Active Participation and Contribution in National & International Fields
3. PRSS –  Platform to give back to community throughout social project, further enhanced by collaborations with external parties
4. Academics – Strive for Academic Excellence and Scientific Supportive Environment
5. MnD – Strengthen Internal Bonds and Optimizing Potential of AMSA-UI Members
6. PnP – Representing, Promoting, and Maintaining Reputation of AMSA-UI
7. Recruitment – Maintaining Continuity and Sustainability of AMSA-UI


Organizational Structure

AMSEP – Asian Medical Students’ Exchange Program
PRSS – Public Relation and Social Service
MnD – Membership and Development
PnP – Publication and Promotion

Featured Work Programs

AMSA-UI Updates (AMSEP x PnP)
AMSA-UI Birthday Secret Santa (AUB)
AMSA-UI Health Day
AMSA-UI Gives Back (AUGB)
AMSA-UI Health Campaign
AMSA-UI Opportunities (Delegation x PnP)
MUN Training
AMSA-UI Internal Competition
Academic Workshop
E-Club Premiere
E-Club Member
AMSA-UI Design and Documentary Training (PnP x Acads)
Youth Orientation
and many more…


Social Media
Instagram : @amsa_ui
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Muhammad Alifian R P