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Asian Medical Students’ Association Christian University of Indonesia was formally found in 29 August 2008, but it was an observer since 2007. AMSA-UKI was brought upon by seven founders, namely dr. Putri Puspitasari, dr. Raedy R. Susanto, dr. Jillientasia Lilihata, dr. Windri Retnaningdyah, dr. Dwi Handayani, dr. Rizky Ahmad Ayubhi and dr. Ido N. Bramantya (who was the first Representative of AMSA-UKI itself). Not only active in national events, AMSA-UKI also has been given opportunities to participate in several AMSA-International events through its delegates in AMSEP, AMSC and EAMSC. AMSA-UKI had their first delegates in 1996 and until now still actively sending their delegates.



AMSA-UKI as an organization that remains strong on the philosophy of AMSA (Knowledge, Action, Friendship) and as a place for its members to have self-development.


1. To strengthen relationships between its members.
2. To educate and prepare its members to become the next great doctors.
3. To reinforce the family togetherness of AMSA-UKI.


Organizational Structure

Featured Work Programs

Campaign program assigned to our new members so they can learn and gain experiences working with external organization.

One of our community outreach program where we take part in helping the community around us through health campaigns.

This program is created to build chemistry between our new members and our old members.

A photography competition, open to all members of AMSA-INDONESIA, with health-theme
with hope of raising awareness to disease associated with those theme.

Tenda Tensi
An activity carried out by each AMSA-UKI member and is held every week for health checks for the community.

A program created to facilitate our members for upcoming competition they want to join.

A program created to show our members and sometime non-members how hospital works and its’ environment.

A yearly program, where all AMSA-Universities in Indonesia create a campaign program with theme decided by AMSA-INDONESIA.

The celebration of AMSA-UKI’s birthday, which falls on 29th August.

Asian Medical Student Exchange Program (AMSEP)
An event that organizes students exchange programs across the world. This program helps us to get
connected and gain experience with others medical students in Indonesia or others countries


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