Faculty of Medicine Universitas Pelita Harapan (FK UPH) is located in Tangerang, Banten. It was founded by Prof. Dr. F.X. Budhianto Suhadi, dr., SpPK (K), MM in 2001.

On those early years, UPH medical students, young people who dream to answer the world’s challenges, found a precious opportunity to fulfill their desire in contributing to every single world’s movement by joining AMSA. Later on, in March 2004 AMSA-UPH was established.

AMSA-Universitas Pelita Harapan (AMSA-UPH) is a full-member of AMSA-Indonesia, led by a Representative and followed by his Head of Divisions.

We are ready to serve our members, faculties, and societies by gaining knowledge, making positive impacts to the societies in concrete actions, and making trans-continental friendships.



To be a leading organization that guides its members to continuously be impactful and serve the society.



1.To strengthen the bond between AMSA-UPH, AMSA-Indonesia, and AMSA International.

2. To establish the sense of belonging of each member as a family.

3. To enhance members’ knowledge and skill through our internal and external programs.

4. To bring positive impact and actively participate in improving local society’s health.


Organization Organogram

Featured Work Program

AMSA Good Time and Sweet 17

 AMSA Good Time and Sweet 17 is an event held to celebrate AMSA-UPH’s 17th birthday, as well as to solidify the togetherness of AMSA-UPH’s members. Throughout the course of this event, there will be games, division bonding sessions, a birthday party, a bonfire, a talent show, as well as a movie night.

Health Campaign

Health Campaign is an event where AMSA-UPH members hold a health campaign directly to local society. This event aims to educate the target population regarding common diseases, as well as how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

Social Activity

Social activity is an event where AMSA-UPH does social activities for the welfare of society. This event aims to increase society’s awareness regarding relevant topics through various activities, with the hope of bringing a positive impact to society.


Social Media

Instagram: @amsauph
LINE: @324gsavq
Youtube: AMSA-UPH


Representative: Greg Faldo
LINE: greg_faldo
Phone number: +62 87809021381