AMSA-Universitas Pembangunan Nasional “Veteran” Jakarta


Asian Medical Students’ Association
Universitas Pembangunan Nasional ‘Veteran’ Jakarta (AMSA-UPN’V’J)

is a non-profit and non-political organization in Jakarta which was established
on October 10, 2005. Whose the first representative is dr. Lady Margaretha Febriany Sirait.
AMSA UPN’V’J is located in the 2nd district. Since AMSA UPN has been established,
it has been providing the members the three philosophies of AMSA those are Knowledge,
Action and Friendship. Every year, AMSA UPN become more and more progressive
one so that on the last MUNAS , AMSA UPN got award “ the most progressive university”.
On August 2018, AMSA UPN became the Host Univesity for AMSEP Taipei Medical University.
On this period, AMSA UPN always sends members and creation a least one  for being contested
in every competition held by AMSA INDONESIA even we don’t become the winner.
And AMSA UPN also has sent the member to be EB in AMSA INDONESIA and be the one of
AMSA INTERNATIONAL. That’s such a precious achievement for AMSA UPN. Hopefully,
AMSA UPN can be more and more progressive than before.



Making AMSA-UPN as an organization with strong family characteristics and
well-known for the quality and benefits for each member of
AMSA-UPN and its surrounding communities.



1. Creating a strong family atmosphere between AMSA-UPN members
and other AMSA-University members

2. Increasing the participation of AMSA-UPN at the national level with achievements
and other beneficial activities


Organization Organogram


AMSA-Care is a new, upcoming and exciting project held by the division of
Community Outreach under the supervision of AMSA-UPN. It aims to be a medium
for our members to contribute to society while developing profound
peer-to-peer connection simultaneously. Made to established a sustainable relationship
with either a Non Governmental Organization or Governmental Organization,
AMSA-Care hope to bring important health topics to light. This year,
we picked Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) as our theme and we are delighted
to announce our collaboration with Yayasan Lupus Indonesia (YLI)

2. ARC Club
Study clubs based on member’s own interest that cover fundamentals in
scientific literature and postet, public posters, photography and videography.
It aims to be a platform where members can discuss about process and
technique thus reinforcing them to create their own scientific literature / artworks.

ARC Club is categorized into (1) Scientific club which includes
Medical English Debate Club and Scientific Paper and Poster club;
and (2) Art club which includes Public Poster Club, Videography Club and Photography Club.

3. SODA (School of Design AMSA)

School of Design AMSA is a form of training and workshop intended for its members
as well as external students as a way to learn and practice the basics of virtual designs,
photography, videography, and other things related. This training is one of AMSA-UPN’s
work programs under the collaboration of PnP and ARC division. SODA is held with the purpose
to help its participants to hone their skills in design, media, and creativity.



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