AMSA-Universitas Jenderal Achmad Yani


Medical students are future doctors that hold responsibilities to improve
the quality of life and wellbeing of the community. To achieve it, medical students are
obligated to work together regionally, nationally, or even internationally. While collaborating,
we ought to share knowledge, enrich them, develop skills, participate, and engage
in healthcare field. Therefore, AMSA-Unjani was established on 10th of December 2011,
and became recognized by AMSA-Indonesia on 24th of June 2012. AMSA-Unjani is an organization
that is non-political, non-sectorial, non-profit, open, free, and based on knowledge



AMSA-Unjani is a family-based organization and a place to develop
soft skills of each member to be more synergetic and contribute in internal
and external programs with a sense of responsibility and love for AMSA.



1. Strengthen the sense of belonging of for each member of AMSA-Unjani

2. Develop soft skills in internal and external programs

3. Create links through AMSA

4. Generate a greater impact on society


Organizational Structure:

Advisory Board :
Rahmanita Afina
Shela Azizah
Rivaldi Arirahvi
Fariz Albarri

Representative : Naufal Langit
Prime Minister : M. Farhan Maulana
Secretary : Nadya Safira
Treasurer : Athaya Haura

Membership and Development
Captain : Meyra Aretha
Vice Captain : Sultan Sehafudin

English Club
Captain : Marsa Auryn
Vice Captain : Angela Stella

Captain : Nashrilla Fadhlil
Vice Captain : Chantika Dewi

Research and Academic
Captain : Nabila Maulida
Vice Captain : M. Faizal Syahputra

Captain : Fadhila Raihanputra
Vice Captain : Aliyana Zulfa

External Affairs
Captain : Tazkiya Qalby
Vice Captain : Renita Laira

Publication and Promotion
Captain : Atha Aurellia
Vice Captain : Pradita Putri

Featured Work Programs

1. AMSA Night

2. Welcoming Party

3. Iftar Jama’i

4. Anesthesia

5. Tachycardia

6. Gestation


Social Media

Instagram: @amsaunjani
LINE: @867jzchc


Contact Person

Representative of AMSA-Unjani 2020/2021:
Naufal Langit