AMSA-Universitas Kristen Maranatha


Asian Medical Students’ Association Maranatha Christian University or usually
called AMSA-MCU is one of the most popular and eye-catching students’ organizations in MCU.
AMSA-MCU is located in Prof. Drg. Surya Sumantri No.65, Sukawarna, Bandung, West Java.
Alongside with AMSA-Unpad, AMSA-Unjani and AMSA-UGJ, AMSA-MCU is a part of AMSA district 3.
AMSA-MCU was established in 10th of August 1996 as one of the first AMSA-Universities in Indonesia.
AMSA-MCU, with “Aspire to Inspire” as its tagline, has a vision and missions
to be a more solid, active, and impactful for society.



Making AMSA-MCU one of the most respected AMSA-University based
on kinship and humanity, and a home for self-actualization for each member
in order to bring a significant impact for society



1. To enhance the existence of AMSA-MCU through contribution
in competitions or delegations in district, national and international events

2. To foster bond between members and other external parties through a supportive atmosphere

3. To encourage each member to reveal their full potential

4. To radiate empathy through action that bring positive influence towards others

5. To perpetuate AMSA spirit in Knowledge, Action and Friendship


Organizational Structure:

Featured Work Programs

Membership and Development

a) Open Recruitment

b) Project of Action

c) Members Restructure

d) Primary meeting

e) Foto Bersama

f) Camping, Recreation, and Training (CAMPRT)

g) Monthly Online Meeting

h) Rapat Besar

i) AMSA-MCU Anniversary


a) Flowers day

b) Pojok Tensi

c) AMSA-Indonesia Merchandise

d) AMSA-MCU Merchandise

Community Outreach

a) Event of The Year

b) Old But Gold

c) Health Campaign

d) Iftar with AMSA

Academic and Research

a) Local Academic Training

b) Fun Fact

c) Pop Quiz

Publication and Promotion

a) Instagram Handling

b) Documentation

c) #HelloFrom

External and AMSEP

a) Directly Training Observe System

b) Pendelegasian


Social Media

Instagram: @amsamcu
Youtube: AMSA MCU