AMSA-Maranatha Christian University


AMSA Maranatha Christian University (AMSA-MCU) was found in 1996, when the Chief of Academic, Research, and Development of Student Council of Faculty of Medicine Maranatha Christian University (had not been divided into various divisions as it is now so that all of the divisions have one organizational name), dr. Adrian Suhendra was invited to attend the AMSA-Indonesia founding meeting in Yogyakarta. He asked one of his colleagues, dr. Stanley Kirana, Sp. B to become a Vice Representative and Founding Father. Eventually, AMSA-MCU was inaugurated in the same year, according to the Student Council of Faculty of Medicine Maranatha Christian University’s by-laws.

Objective of AMSA-MCU

1. Increase awareness toward health issues in Indonesia, especially in Bandung

2. Becoming a vessel for interest, talent, and creativity of medical students in Maranatha Christian University

3. Increase the sense of belongings and team-working between AMSA-MCU members 

4. Embody humanity and medical ethics 


Symbol of AMSA-MCU

1. “Gedung Sate” represent AMSA-MCU which located in Bandung, Indonesia

2. Shield-form represent that AMSA-MCU is based on Pancasila


Along with the inauguration of AMSA-Indonesia in Yogyakarta, AMSA-MCU was established on 10th August 1996 by dr. Adrian Suhendra, Sp.PK, a batch of 1993 Faculty of Medicine Maranatha Christian University. A few months after AMSA-MCU was found, this organization was assigned as a part of  External Divisions of the Student Council of Faculty of Medicine Maranatha Christian University. Even though AMSA-MCU still had no other members, dr. Adrian and dr. Stanley had already active in national and international events for one tenure. For the first time, AMSA-MCU became a delegate of the Asian Medical Students’ Conference (AMSC) in 1998. In the second year of dr. Adrian’s tenure, AMSA-MCU kept growing and developing with 10 members. However, had not been divided into various divisions and the Executive Board had not been formed.

Over time, AMSA-MCU became more active in carrying out its role as a member of AMSA-Indonesia, such as sending delegations, publishing health days, and major days in Indonesia and the world. A concrete example of AMSA-MCU’s participation for AMSA-Indonesia was to host National Leadership Training in 2016 tenure when Hanifan was a Representative and the host of the National Action Event (NAE) under the tenure of Moses Arky as Representative. AMSA-MCU began to show its identity by involving its members to develop and learn as a bridge to connecting AMSA-universities and AMSA-Indonesia through the National Team in 2015, with the elected representatives of Finance and AMSEP officer candidates, Academic Team, Research Team, and Top 12 Finalist Ambassador of Public Health (APH).

In 2016, for the first time, AMSA-MCU represented its district with the selected APH from AMSA-MCU. Not only active in AMSA-Indonesia, but AMSA-MCU is also active in participating in every event held by its district, sort of event that made by APH and AMSA Elite Chair Person (AEC). AMSA-MCU was more known by other AMSA faculty when it selected to be a host for NAE back in 2019 when it can involving a non-AMSA member in its committee. This is proven by the increasing interest in prospective AMSA-MCU members in 2020 under the tenure of Ghina Nisrina as Representative, which doubled from the previous year. Now, AMSA-MCU has become an AMSA-university that is fully developing in line with the progress of AMSA-Indonesia. In 2020/2021 under the tenure of Jerrick Lo Abdenego as Representative, there are some structural changes AMSA-MCU organization where there is an addition of the Vice Executive Board.



To Make AMSA-MCU one of the most respected AMSA-University that provides a caring and supportive environment for its members to develop their best potential in order to bring a significant impact for society according to our philosophies of Knowledge, Action and Friendship



1.To strengthen the sense of belonging of members as a family to make AMSA-MCU be an solid organization

2. To enhance the existence of AMSA-MCU through contribution in competitions or delegations in district, national and international events

3. To encourage each member to reveal their full potential

4. To increase sense of humanity through of social programs that has  impactful for society

5. To maintain a good relationship and give a meaning full contribution to SEMA FK UKM, AMSA-Indonesia, AMSA International and the society.


Organizational Structure:

Featured Work Programs

Open Recruitment

To give the opportunities for students of the Faculty of Medicine MCU to join AMSA-MCU at the start of the tenure. 

Member Restructure

To give the opportunities to the members of AMSA-MCU to choose the division again in the new tenure.

BOMB!: AMSA-MCU Members Bonding 

Bonding for all members of AMSA-MCU, will be held once in a year, welcoming the new members of AMSA-MCU. 

Monthly Online Meeting

The meeting will be held once in a month, attended by the Executive Board of AMSA-MCU to present their progress and problems.

Rapat Besar

The meeting will be held every 6 months, and will be attended by all members of AMSA-MCU. The Executive Board of each division will present their progress.

Primary Meeting

The meeting will be held in the beginning of the tenure, and will be attended by all members of AMSA-MCU. The Executive Board of each division will present their work programs.

AMSA-MCU Anniversary

To celebrate the anniversary of AMSA-MCU in August. 


To increase the interest to join the National Team of AMSA-Indonesia. 

BINGO! (Bonding Session)

To discuss work programs and play games with the aim of increasing the sense of belonging to AMSA.

Foto Bersama

Capture the moment with all members of AMSA-MCU.


Bonding for all members of AMSA-MCU


To evaluate the development of the members, every 6 months

Local Academic Training

A compulsory work program from AMSA-Indonesia for all AMSA-Universities which must be held at least once during the term of office.The purpose of the work program is to increase the knowledge and skills of AMSA-Indonesia (AMSA-MCU) members through academic training.In this tenure,the theme of the event is  “what should we do in the emergency situation and how we can saves someone’s life”. 

English Day

To develop members’ communication skills in English. 

Fun fact and Popquiz

To serve an interesting medical facts and quiz according to evidence base medicine for AMSA-MCU members and AMSA-MCU instagram followers which will be posted every month that coincides with commemoration of a big day related to health.

Prepare For The War

To serve as a platform for AMSA-MCU members that want to prepare for things that needed to participate in the competition.

Research 101

To serve as a platform for AMSA-MCU members and the students of faculty of medicine maranatha christian university to teach basic knowledge for making a research paper or scientific paper.

Event of The Year

Yearly social action event from AMSA-Indonesia that has a different theme each year and will be held by every AMSA-University.

ICYC (I Can You Can)

To give a platform for members to share happiness like charity and games to the orphanage.

 Health Campaign

To Build on an “action” philosophy of AMSA to increase student consciousness or society about the importance of health and how to handle it.

Healthy Social Media

To commemorate days of health event that has determined by the Ministry of Health and WHO and develop AMSA philosophy “knowledge” from members AMSA-MCU to the society through social media like instagram live or podcast.

Flowers Day

To show love to one another on Valentine’s day & Graduation day by giving flowers to people addressed through AMSA openly or anonymously.

AMSA-MCU’s Merchandise

Selling AMSA-MCU merchandise to members as an organizational identity.

AMSA Monthly Danus

Carrying out business fund activities, by paid promotion or selling premium application accounts during the pandemic for financial income.

School of Danus

To discuss and learn together with Danus Sema FK UKM about the world of business funds.

AMSA-Indonesia’s Merchandise

Selling AMSA-Indonesia merchandise to members as an organizational identity.

Instagram Handling

To update the activities of AMSA-MCU at the instagram. 

Amsa Realization Training

The webinar about videography to develop the videography skills of the participants.


Documentation of all activities that will be held in AMSA-MCU.


Insta Stories made by the delegates in local, international programs and will be reposted in instagram. 

AMSA-MCU E-Magazine

The recap of one month activities.

Directly Observe Training System (DOTS)

Introducing AMSA-Indonesia and AMSA-International to the candidate members of AMSA-MCU.

Post Delegate Presentation

A form of presentation that is made by the delegates to report the delegation activities.


Preparation for bidding AMSEP by making booklet and video.


Sending delegates to district, national and international events and helping them manage their forms.



Social Media

Instagram: @amsamcu
Youtube: AMSA MCU