AMSA-Universitas Padjajaran


Asian Medical Student Association Keluarga Mahasiswa Fakultas Kedokteran
Universitas Padjadjaran (AMSA KEMA FK Unpad, or simply known as AMSA-Unpad)
is a scientific, nonpolitical, nonsectoral, nonprofit, open, free, and independent
organization which is affiliated to BEM KEMA FK Unpad and AMSA-Indonesia.

AMSA-Unpad was established in 1999, before undergoing a vacuum
period and reemerging in 2003. It was built as a place for
FK Unpad students to channel their skills and creativity beyond
an academic scope, and to open doors towards more opportunities and activities.
AMSA-Unpad became active on a national scale in 2006 and continues to grow
and develop into a stronger, more impactful organization.



AMSA-Unpad as an organization that provides a caring and
supportive environment for its members to develop their
potential and to become impactful health promoting agents in the community.



1. To build a strong sense of belonging among the members through a caring environment.

2. To ensure the improvement of its members through targeted upgrading and
guided competition preparations.

3. To emphasize the need of proper project assessment and supportive monitoring systems
in establishing impactful programs.

4. To implement Health promoting aspects in every program

5. To give meaningful contributions to AMSA-Indonesia, AMSA International, and the society.


Organizational Structure:

Featured Work Programs :

1. Transformers

2. Laskar Pelangi

3. AMSA Party


Social Media

Website :
Instagram : @amsaunpad
LINE : @amsaunpad



Representative of AMSA-Unpad 2020/2021 : (Exel Billy Wibowo)