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AMSA-UGM is a non-profit and non-political organization, established in Yogyakarta on August 10th 1996. With aims to provide opportunities for health-sector students to develop their potentials and maximize their contribution to society, AMSA-UGM is actualizing those goals through our various activities and work programs. Upholding the philosophy of Friendship, Action, and Science, we strive to not only make AMSA-UGM our home but to always do our best and leave a positive impact on communities around us.

Tag Line

Moving Forward in Unity, Reaching New Heights


AMSA-UGM as a home for its members to always develop their potential and provide benefits to the community, based on the philosophy of “Friendship, Action, Science”.



1.To strive for every member’s self-development while upholding family values as one AMSA-UGM.

2. To broaden the reach and existence of AMSA-UGM by increasing collaborations with Governmental Organizations and Non-governmental Organizations.

3. To make AMSA-UGM an impactful organization which provides its members with opportunities to contribute to the society.

4. To increase academic and non-academic contributions of AMSA-UGM’s members by means of enhancing trainings in preparation for their participation in national and international competitions.


Organizational Structure

Featured Work Program

AYP: AMSA Youth Project

AMSA Youth Project, held annually by AMSA-UGM, is a big and ambitious project dedicated as a way for future generations, especially high school students to express themselves and upgrade their knowledge, skills, as well as compassion for the society. Starting fresh in AYP 2020, we’ve expanded our competition to not only include the long awaited national medical olympiad but also added three new branches of competition such as a public essay competition, a photography competition, and a social campaign competition. Workshops and a medical open house are also held as pre-events. Lastly to give back to society, online campaigns, community visits, and webinars were held surrounding the highlighted theme and issue of the year. All in all, AYP strives to be a place where growth and empowerment are both attainable for its participants as well as its committee.

 CCN : Charity and Cultural Night 

Charity and Cultural Night is an annual event held by AMSA-UGM’s Art and Culture division. CCN showcases music, dancing, and theatre, all in one event. The event is organized by the members of AMSA-UGM and the performers come from a variety of students from our faculty, hence facilitating students to explore their interests in performing arts. Through the process of executing CCN, we hope to conserve the Indonesian culture and also motivate the members of AMSA-UGM to be creative. The profit raised from CCN ticket sales is then donated to people in need parallel with the cause chosen for that year.

EXON: Expedition and Observation

Established in 2019, EXON is an annual event held by AMSA-UGM’s Delegation and is one of the pioneers of national medical exchange programs in AMSA-Indonesia. Designed to strengthen the bond between AMSA-UGM and partnering AMSA-Universities, EXON also serves to introduce new Delegation members to the world of medical exchange programs which consists of hosting and delegating. Also acting as a mini-AMSEP, EXON is a 3-day program which consists of a welcoming party, academic sessions, community service, sociocultural sessions, and is concluded by a farewell



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