AMSA-Universitas Airlangga


AMSA-Unair berdiri pada 1 Desember 2002 saan Worlds Aids Day Commemoration.
AMSA-Unair merupakan Organisasi Ekstra Kampus di Fakultas Kedokteran Universitas Airlangga yang merupakan anggota
dari AMSA-Indonesia dan bertanggungjawab penuh kepada AMSA-Indonesia. AMSA-Unair berasaskan Pancasila. AMSA-Unair
diakui pleh AMSA-Indonesia,Fakultas Kedokteran Universitas Airlangga, dan BEM KM FK Unair. AMSA-Unair terus
berkembang dengan tiga landasannya,yaitu KNOWLEDGE,ACTION,FRIENDSHIP.



Collaborating with GO/ NGO as a beginning to continue AMSA-Unair branding to AMSA-Indonesia and other organizations in
the scope of Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Airlangga and to help create members with great sense of belonging and
responsibility to develop the better AMSA-Unair.




  1. To create a good relationship between members and to maintain the sense of kinship that is already within AMSA-Unair
    as a foundation of the organization.
  2. To optimize the function of AMSA-Unair as a vessel to expand and channel creativity.
  3. To enhance AMSA-Unair branding beyond AMSA-Indonesia
  4. To improve the work ethic of every member for an optimum work program.
  5. To develop partnership with potential GO/ NGO as an adjunct to work project.
  6. To optimize AMSA-Unair’s publication.
  7. To optimize the quality of ugrading program as a means to develop members.
  8. To build an integrated CEO with a sense of belongings to AMSA-Unair, optimistic and highly committed.



Organizational Structure:

Featured Work Programs :



  • Ritalin : is the first project implemented by the RnA division where the participants were given a knowledge briefing
    related to things that will be found at AMSA-Unair and Faculty of Medicine in the future.
  • AMSA Smart Class : is a project where the participants will learn more about Anatomy & Physiology
    which is the basis of medicine.



  • Desa Binaan : Is a project where AMSA-Unair’s members could meet the society directly and grow together.
  • AMSA-Unair Anniversary : is a project where AMSA-Unair is collaborating with GO/NGO(s) and recently we worked
    with YKAKI (Yayasan Kasih Anak Kanker Indonesia).



  • Auto-Antigen : is a regeneration program and the inauguration of AMSA-Unair newbies to become an AMSA-Unair
    members that is held outside the city for 2 days 1 night. The program contained material about AMSA, sharing session,
    upgrading and teamwork building which was packaged in the form of bonding.
  • Excalibur : is  an event to introduce and promote AMSA-Unair to the freshmen. Packed in a fun and intriguing games,
    along with an interesting theme which was Marvel’s Cinematics Universe for this year, Excalibur is the first step of gaining
    the chosen ones as AMSA-Unair’s newest family members.


Social Media

Instagram : @amsaunair
ID Line : @ysc341l
Youtube :  AMSA-Unair



Email :

Representative : 081233293328 ( Ravell Hansen Untono )