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AMSA-Unair was established on December 1, 2002 during the Worlds Aids Day Commemoration. AMSA-Unair is an Extra-Campus Organization at the Faculty of Medicine, Airlangga University which is a member of AMSA-Indonesia and is fully responsible to AMSA-Indonesia. AMSA-Unair is based on Pancasila. AMSA-Unair was recognized by AMSA-Indonesia, Faculty of Medicine, Airlangga University, and BEM KM FK Unair. AMSA-Unair continues to develop with three foundations, namely KNOWLEDGE, ACTION, FRIENDSHIP.



Making AMSA-Unair as a place to develop and actualize the potential of each member based on three strong foundations through knowledge, action, and friendship so that they are superior, foremost, and active.



1.Strengthen relations between AMSA members and the sense of belonging through bonding and regular upgrading and target oriented

2. Increase the potential for superior academic and scientific environment support through regular focused training and mentoring

3. To promote the good name of AMSA-Unair through good promotion and branding efforts at the national-international level as well as increasing partnerships with GO / NGOs

4. Organizing work programs that can build interest and a sense of community which involved all AMSA-Unair members

5. Make a real contribution to AMSA-Indonesia, the environment, and Public


Organizational Structure:

Featured Work Programs :



Insulin : is the first project implemented by the RnA division where the participants were given a knowledge briefing related to things that will be found at AMSA-Unair and Faculty of Medicine in the future.

Radialis : to learn research while engaging in society, educating, and as a form of social act.


Desa Binaan : Is a project where AMSA-Unair’s members could meet the society directly and grow together.

Project Newbie : is a project where AMSA-Unair Newbies is collaborating with GO/NGO(s) and recently we worked with YAIDS (Yayasan AIDS Indonesia).


Auto-Antigen : is a regeneration program and the inauguration of AMSA-Unair newbies to become an AMSA-Unair members that is held online in 2 days. The program contained material about AMSA, sharing session, upgrading and teamwork building which was packaged in the form of bonding.

Excalibur : is an event to introduce and promote AMSA-Unair to the freshmen. Packed in a fun and intriguing games, along with an interesting theme which was Divergent for this year, Excalibur is the first step of gaining the chosen ones as AMSA-Unair’s newest family members.


Social Media

Instagram : @amsaunair
ID Line : @323ucnji
Youtube :  AMSA-Unair



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Representative: David Nugraha


LINE: david_nugraha

Phone number: 089622388835