AMSA-Universitas Brawijaya


AMSA-Universitas Brawijaya or Asian Medical Students’ Association Universitas Brawijaya is a semi-autonomous and non-profit organization under the Executive Council of Medicine Faculty, Universitas Brawijaya. AMSA-Brawijaya was established on June 12th 2001 and is an official member of AMSA-Indonesia and AMSA International. Our members consists of students from five study programs (Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Nutrition and Midwifery) and continue to grow with more than 100 new members each year who are divided into 7 divisions:

                    1. Community Outreach (CO)
                    2. Publication and Promotion (PnP)
                    3. Membership and Development (MnD)
                    4. Entrepreneur Team (ET)
                    5. Asian Medical Students’ Exchange Program (AMSEP)
                    6. Research and Academic (RnA)
                    7. English Club (Club)

We always strive to accommodate our members to actualize themselves as medical student through our three philosophies: Knowledge, Action, and Friendship. Our logo that symbolizes the phoenix depicts AMSA-Universitas Brawijaya that continues to be eternal and evolved to share knowledge about health issues, undertake social services to the community, and create international and trans-continental friendship.



AMSA-Brawijaya as an organization that improves members’ creativity and development for impactful action in the community through Knowledge, Action, and Friendship



1. Improving the internal quality of AMSA-Brawijaya by channeling the potential of each member
2. Increasing the active role of AMSA-Brawijaya members in carrying social actions that have a good impact on society
3. Strengthening the sense of belonging between AMSA-Brawijaya members
4. Making AMSA-Brawijaya as a place for intergenerational members’ development

5. Building productive and sustainable collaborations with external parties


Organizational Structure:

Featured Work Programs :

Stands for “Aware of Cancer Through and Love for Children of Nation” is a masterpiece program from AMSA-Brawijaya where members will visit and entertain children with cancer at the Dr. Saiful Anwar Hospital, Malang. This activity consists of various series of events starting from the weekly visit, charity concert, to the peak event in the monthly visit. We hope this visit can provide high moral support for children.

is an annual online health campaign based on social media in order to increase awareness in the community regarding health issues. In this event we also hold an online photography competition to increase public enthusiasm in providing participation in the health issue awareness.

is an annual English competition for high school and varsity students at the national level. In this competition, students can improve their English skills better and have the opportunity to get around in the Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Brawijaya.

is an exclusive training event for the members of AMSA-Brawijaya regarding preparation in competitions of Scientific Paper, Scientific Poster, Public Poster, Videography, and Photography. At the end of the training, we also held a local competition to be able to train our members to be ready to take part in other competitions both at national and international levels.

is a bonding and upgrading event for members of AMSA-Brawijaya where they will carry out various fun activities together outside the faculty. This event includes AMSA-Meeting and AMSA-Leading which are leadership skills training events, and also AMSA-Gathering which is a reunion night for members and alumni of AMSA- Brawijaya to be able to meet and share experiences.



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Fatimah Az Zahra
Representative AMSA-Universitas Brawijaya 2020/2021

Mobile phone : +6277825323
Skype ID : fatimah.erwan
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