AMSA-Universitas Hang Tuah


AMSA-UHT Founded in Surabaya on March 17, 2014, and as one of AMSA-
university member of AMSA-Indonesia. It is a semi-autonomous organization under
the Executive Council of Faculty Medicine of Hang Tuah University. It is a non-profit,
non-political, free and independent organization that focuses on uncovering the
hidden potentials of medical students in Hang Tuah University through 3
philosophies which are, Knowledge, Action and Friendship. AMSA-UHT always
trying to grow even more to increase the quality of members and its’ existence in
society. Currently there are more than 200 active members which spread into 6
divisions. AMSA-UHT had been actively contributing in every AMSA-Indonesia and
AMSA International activities such as sending delegations, participating in academic
competitions, AMSEP, AMSC, National Team and many more. AMSA-UHT has
some annual events to implement our purpose such as health campaign (STIGMA,
BARET, etc), member development (welcoming party, gathering, etc.) and academic
training programs.



Aspiring AMSA-UHT to become an organization which can increase the existence of
UHT also giving such positive impact to society through implementation of 3
philosophies of AMSA to achieve quality improvement (internal) of AMSA-UHT.



1. Improving creativity, mindset, liveliness, and potential of each member of AMSA-
UHT through internal activities with "Action, Friendship, Knowledge" as
cornerstone which will be giving direct impact to both UHT and society.

2. Increasing the existence of AMSA-UHT through participation in any competitions
or delegations in regional, national, and international events.

3. Maximazing internal condition of AMSA-UHT by clarifying coordination pathway
and responsibilities of each member and EB.

4. Providing proper facilities for each member with the goal that potential
improvements and qualified human resources could be reached

5. Creating cooperations among existing devision of AMSA-UHT/organization of
FK-UHT/AMSA-University in order to actualizing External/Internal work program
of AMSA-UHT with a view toward harmonized relationships among


Organizational Structure:

Featured Work Programs :

BARET “Big Care and Responsibility of the History”

An annual charity event for geriartrics, held by AMSA-UHT, which takes place in branch
office of veteran in East Java especially in this event we will be focusing on giving them
informations regarding healthy lifestyle, geriatric-related illness, medical check-up (blood
pressure measurement, blood glucose, and uric acid blood tests), also free consultation
with doctors and student physicians from FK-UHT. Other than that BARET gives us,
students a chance to keep in contact with our honorable veterans who had sacrificed
their lives for our country.


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