AMSA-Universitas Sam Ratulangi


AMSA-Universitas Sam Ratulangi (AMSA-Unsrat) is part of the 6th district of AMSA-Indonesia
and is to current date the only AMSA chapter in North Celebes.

The first iteration of AMSA-Unsrat was established in 2008, and has contributed to AMSA-Indonesia by hosting
one of AMSA-Indonesia national event, namely Musyawarah Nasional (Munas), before regretfully being deactivated
after a few years.

AMSA-Unsrat was then dormant until the second iteration was established in 2015 and has ever since continues to be a
platform for the medical students of Sam Ratulangi University to build connection to other medical students in Indonesia and
even all across the globe.


Optimizing all the potential and talents of AMSA-Unsrat members, to actively contribute to AMSA,
internally and externally based on the philosophy AMSA.



  1. Creating a supportive and synergic environment.
  2. Raising the sense of belonging of every member.
  3. Raising the quality of AMSA-Unsrat members through training and seminars
  4. Actively contributing to society


Local Academic Training (LAT) aims to develop skills and expertise in anamnesis, physical examination and
Basic Life Support (BLS) for social action activities.

AMSA Day Out (ADO) is a fun activity to strengthen the kinship between members through games, quizzes and many more.

Photoshoot Division is a photoshoot session for each division. The theme for this year is “Dark Mode”.

The Art of Eating is a program to hunt culinary food of North Sulawesi so members ready
to introduce the culinary food to delegation.

Trip of Observation (TRIO) is an exchange program between AMSA-Unsrat and another AMSA-university
by implementing AMSA’s philosophies.

One Fun Day is one of social action to raise awareness and as a platform for members to interact with children.

Medical Merchandise (MADE) is a program aimed to sell AMSA-Indonesia and AMSA-Unsrat merchandises
with preorder system twice a year.



Line ID: @fen5021g
Instagram: @amsaunsrat
Youtube: AMSA-Unsrat



Phone: 082187877735