EVENT 2023

Salutations, People of Tomorrow!

AMSA-Universitas Jenderal Achmad Yani appreciative to introduce the greatest annual event ever, National Action Event (NAE) AMSA-Indonesia 2023: 


“RESUSCITATION: Recognizing The Importance of Emergency Medicine Through Basic Life Support in High-Risk Regions”


We proudly would like to inform you that this event will be held offline on December 1 – 3, 2023. NAE officially opens the early registration for General Delegates from October 15, 2023.


Representative/Proxy of each AMSA-university may register through the link below:


Prospective participants must comply with several rules to agree to take part in this event, which are attached below:

  • The registration form is only allowed to be filled by the Representative of the respective AMSA-university.
  • Make sure that every information required has been valid and written correctly
  • Registers must undertake all existing series of event without forgetting.
  • Please take a look at the date of each series of events, because we have no tolerance for any delays in collecting forms and payments.

Thank you, AMSA-Indonesia. Viva AMSA!